Fromeco DCUP Mark II

Fromeco DCUP Mark II
Fromeco DCUP Mark II
Brand: Fromeco
Product Code: FR-DCUP
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Price: $35.00

Fromeco DCUP Mark II

  • Voltage display
  • Capacitor smoothing system
  • 1.66 Farad of Capacitance
  • Lowest voltage per flight

It is a capacitor system designed to relieve your Receiver Bus from lower voltage swings due to high current spikes and prolonged current draw.  The unit is simple and easy to use.  The DC-UP Mark II has 1 JR lead that is plugged into your RX Bus.  When the Plane or Helicopter is powered up, the DC-up charges it's capacitor bank.  It then lays in wait and supplies bridge amperage as it is demanded by your servos, and or other radio equipment.

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