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Terms of Use


SAFETY in Assembly

During assembly of this aircraft, you will be asked to use sharp knives and hobby adhesives. Please follow all safety procedures recommended by the manufacturers of the products you use, and always follow these important guidelines:

ALWAYS protect your eyes when working with adhesives, knives, or tools, especially power tools. Safety glasses are the best way to protect your eyes.

ALWAYS protect your body, especially your hands and fingers when using adhesives, knives, or tools, especially power tools. Do not cut toward exposed skin with hobby knives. Do not place hobby knives on tables or benches where they can roll off or be knocked off.

ALWAYS have a first-aid kit handy when working with adhesives, knives, or tools, especially power tools. ALWAYS keep hobby equipment and supplies out of the reach of children.

SAFETY in Flying

This is NOT a toy! It is a very high-performance RC airplane capable of high speeds and extreme maneuvers. It should only be operated by a competent pilot in a safe area with proper supervision.

ONLY fly your aircraft in a safe, open area, away from spectators and vehicles and where it is legal to fly. NEVER fly over an unsafe area, such as a road or street.

NEVER fly near overhead power or utility lines. If your airplane ever becomes stuck in a line or a tree DO NOT attempt to retrieve it yourself. Contact the authorities for assistance in retrieving your aircraft. Power lines are DANGEROUS and falls from ladders and trees CAN KILL!

Never fly too close to yourself or spectators. Spinning propellers are DANGEROUS!
Never run your motor inside a house or building with the propeller attached Remove the prop for safety. Always fly within your control.

Always follow manufacturers instructions for your radio system. 

Always preform a pre-flight check of  your aircraft to be certain of the aircraft's airworthiness.

Always obtain proper insurance before flying.  Alway fly model aircraft in accordance with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Safety Code.   Visit the AMA's website at www.modelaircraft.org for more information.

Limits of Responsibility

Aztech Aeromodels provides high-quality aircraft and components to it's customers and end users.  These aircraft and components are assembled by the end user to produce a flying model.  It is beyond Aztech Aermodels' control to monitor the end user's completed aircraft. Therefore, Aztech Aeromodels in no way accepts or assumes responsibility or liability for damages resulting from the end user assembled product.  The end user assumes all responsibility and liability in use of Aztech Aermodels aircraft and components and agreeing to hold harmless Aztech Aeromodels, it's distributors and dealers.